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Everybody has a laptop, tablet or phone that they can't put anywhere. Pockets are full, key scratching the phone, tablet falling out, or You have to hold it in Your hands, laptop shoulderbag hurts Your back... MYQ clothes were created to solve these problems one device at the time, from laptop to smartphone. You can carry your mobile device and stay active and "hands free" without loosing access to Your device. And the cherry on top - it's all You, every product has a unique personal QR code which You can link to whatever You want.

MYQ is the world first truly mobile brand. QR logo for web, clothing and bags for devices. We have solutions for mostly used devices: smartphone T-shirt, tablet hoody and lapotop backpack. Clothing for comfort, personal QR logo for fun :)   


Buying MYQ product you will receive a password, after logging in you can manage your QR code and let others to scan it with smartphone.